So, how to get past the awkward first post where I have no followers and I might as well be shouting into a cupboard. Introductions are usually the first thing people do, so I will start there. My name is Tariq. I am 32 years old and a lawyer. In early 2016, my former employer made me redundant and I decided to take the money and see the world. Pretty standard stuff. 

I am also a self confessed gym-rat. Back in good old London, I would train 5 or 6 days a week. I had an amazing group of friends in my gym and my life pretty much resolved around training. 

I decided to start this blog to document some of the weird and wonderful gyms that I find on my travels. From coconut dumbbells on the beach, to gyms in bombed out old houses, this blog is designed to help fellow travellers find somewhere to train in some of the worlds most exotic locations. 

Part of travelling is swapping information about cool things. This is my way of sharing some of my finds with the world. 

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