Sri Lanka – Coco bay Unawatuna Resort (Hotel)

Location: Coco Bay Unawatuna Resort, No:10/4, Roomassala Road, Unawatuna, Galle, Unawatuna Beach, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka 80000

Review: Coco bay is a beautiful hotel. Our room looked right out onto the sea and the standard of service and the quality of the food and cocktails was very high. However, the gym was very poor gym for the money we paid for the room. It is in a little air conditioned room which was nice but you still sweat buckets when you are in there.  

Equipment: This gym has;
  • Running machine,
  • Yoga mats, 
  • A basic home Multi-gym 

There really isn’t enough here for anything other than a maintenance work out and I wouldn’t recommend staying here for an extended period if training is high on your list of priorities. However, from the multi gym, I managed to do the following exercises:
  • Chest press 
  • Chest Fly 
  • Leg extensions 
  • Late pull down
  • Biceps curl 
  • Triceps push down 
  • Bent over row 

Conclusion: This gym is ok in a pinch to prevent you from not training all together, but it could do with some more equipment and some free weights if it is going to be a selling point for anyone who takes their training seriously. 

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