Malaysia – The Regalia Residence, Jalan Sultan Ismail, B16 06, Kuala Lumpur (AirB&B)

Location: The Regalia Residence, Jalan Sultan Ismail, B16 06, Kuala Lumpur

Review: This gym is the private gym for the high end Regalia Residence apartments. The gym itself is on the ground floor and in a large air conditioned room. 

The gym contains the following equipment:
  • Dumbbells up to 10kg.
  • Bench
  • Running machines 
  • Cycling machines 
  • Cross trainer 
  • Multi gym
    • Leg press
    • Leg extension 
    • Lat pulldown 
    • Seated row 
    • Chest press / fly 
  • Pull up bar (wide-grip, close grip, hammer grip). 

Who is this gym for? This gym is suitable for everyone and the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. However, anyone looking to train seriously may struggle in this gym which is a little basic.

Tips: There is a corner shop next door to the gym room which sells water and HL, a high protein milk. 

The Regalia Residence also have a rooftop infinity swimming pool on 37th floor. There are also showers and a steam room.  There is also a skybar restaurant where you can get an amazing post workout steak.

Pro tip: The Regalia Residence are also close to central station where they have many GNC stores. 500g of protein power is about £25 and a protein bar like Quests about £3 each. Stock up. 

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