Malaysia – Straits Quay, Tanjong Tokong, Penang (Air B&B)

Location: The Straits Quay development is a huge development in Tanjong Tokong, which is one of the wealthier neighbourhoods in Penang. The development consisted of houses built around a central shopping mall complex, which housed a supermarket, clothes shops, and places to eat. The complex also houses a sports shop, which sold everything from gym gloves to compression wear and trainers. If you need anything for your training, this is a great place to get it. 

The complex also boasts three rooftop infinity pools, a gym and a tennis court. All are free to use and are accessed using a swipe card.

ReviewThe gym itself is air conditioned, but pretty tiny and basic, 

The gym has the following equipment: 
  • Running machine, 
  • cross trainer, 
  • cycling machine. 
  • dumbbells up to 8kg.
  • bench 
  • yoga mats
  • multi-gym 
    • chest press 
    • lat pulldown 
    • seated row 
    • chest fly 
    • Leg extensions 

Who is this gym for? – In all honesty this gym is only really good if you want a cardio workout or is you are a beginner looking to train light.  If you area a seasoned gym goer, or anyone looking to build or maintain existing muscle mass then I would recommend Power Gym (see next post)

Tip: The gym is next to the largest and most beautiful of the three roof top pools. This is great for a swim after a work out. It is also next to the roof top tennis courts if the mood takes you. Also, you will want to bring your own water!

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