Thailand – Mukdara Beach Resort, Khao Lak, Thailand

Location: Mukdara Beach Resort, Khao Lak, Thailand

Review:  Having flown into Phuket, we travelled up to Khao Lak to stay in the amazing Mukdara Beach Resort Hotel. This place is a good choice if you want to be able to train in peace, as there are a number of options for where to store you other half. The hotel has 4 pools, including one with a pool bar where you can sit in the pool and drink cocktails. The hotel also has a spa, so you can drop your other half in for an hours massage whilst you go lift weights without feeling guilty. Perfect for a stress free gym session.

The gym its-self is pretty big by hotel gym standards and has air conditioning and fans. It is situated inside its own little complex right by the main swimming area.

This gym has: 

  • Dumbbells up to 50 lbs, (approx 22kg.)
  • A flat, incline and decline bench 
  • Running, cycling and cross trainer machines. 
  • A body weight dips bar 
  • A decent multi-gym on which you can do;
    • leg presses, 
    • leg curls, 
    • leg extensions, 
    • lat pulldowns, 
    • chest presses, 
    • chest flys, 
    • seated rows, 
    • seated triceps extensions
  • Yoga mats 
The gym also offers cold towels, but no water so you will need to take your own. 

This hotel also has some pretty cool sports equipment such as a dedicated pool with water polo goals and an indoor table tennis table. There is a picture of the timetable below.

Who is this gym for? This gym has a little bit of everything and is suitable for all ages an ability levels. The equipment is a little old and the weights are not that heavy, but if you get creative you can get a pretty good workout here. Definitely one of the better hotel gyms I have trained in.

Tip: The hotel offers a number of actives for guests, including Muay Thaï kickboxing classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Sadly I was not there when these classes were taking place, but the equipment looked new and good quality. A great little introduction without the full-on class at a dedicated school. 

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