Thailand – Krabi Super Fitness, Krabi, Thailand

Location: Krabi Super Fitness Club, Maharaja Alley, Krabi Town, Krabi  

Review: Whilst you can often get a better workout in a modern western standard gym, finding these little somewhat neglected local gyms is one of the highlights of my trip. Sad I know. But lets move on. 

Krabi Super Fitness Club, despite all that the name promises, is a somewhat run-down gym which appears to be mainly used by the local Thai community. That being said, there is plenty of equipment here to allow for a proper workout. 

Entrance to this gym is 100 bhat (£2 approx) and even includes a free banana! 
The gym sells water but nothing else, so you will need to source your own pre-workout and protein shakes before you go. 
The gym is open fronted but without air conditioning, so make sure you bring a sweat towel with you as you will sweat buckets! 

The gym has:
  • Running, cycling and cross-trainers, all in working condition, if somewhat ramshackle.
  • Old school iron Dumbbells unto 32.5kg. Somewhat rusted so don’t drop them on yourself. 
  • Lat pulldown machine 
  • Barbell bench press
  • Adjustable benches 
  • Leg press
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curl 
  • Low row machine 
  • Pec dec
  • Cables 
  • Preacher curl bench
  • Easy bar
  • Smith machine 
  • Yoga mats  
  • Punching bag 

The gym has some pumping local music to get you fired up and also has free wifi so you can listen to your Spotify tunes whilst you work out. 

Who is this gym for?: Whilst I was training there, the other clients were all Thais, but within this group there was a mix of sexes, ages and abilities. I would say that this gym is not one for the faint of heart as I did get stared at with a quizzical expression which I assume was asking why I wasn’t in one of the nicer tourist gyms at the posh hotels.

Having said that, everyone was friendly and I am sure that you would be welcomed with open arms if you decide to brave it.  

Tips: In aid of this blog, I decided to have a look at the facilities in this gym. The shower made me laugh as its a literally a hose in a small concrete room, (see the photos below) so you may want to think about having a shower at your hotel when you get back.

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