1. @alyshamonk and @florencemarion 

“Travelling and fitness – our two biggest passions. Not always easy to combine but we make it work. We have been through New Zealand, Bali, Bangkok and the Philippines. Seeing all the different gyms is pretty incredible and challenging – even for us as Personal Trainers. We want to help fellow fit travellers to find gyms and supplements during their trips. We all know how hard it is to get out of your routine, but we wanna show you that it is possible to lift weights every day while being on the road. Follow us on Instagram @alyshamonk and @florencemarion to see where we are and what we do. Message us for any questions about gyms in NZ and Asia, or any other fitness topics.”

2. Mr James Wanderlust. 
James has been as dedicated to bodybuilding as he has been to writing and travelling. He has a vast knowledge of exercise science, human bio-mechanics, proper nutrition and supplementation, and motivational techniques. Most importantly, he has been assisting others in developing their physiques and changing their lives for more than 12 years. James’ mission is to share with you his personal travel fitness tips, tricks, and hacks to improve your health and travel experience. He wants to help you discover the best ways to have an inexpensive, amazing, and memorable travel adventure. You can read more about James adventures on his website, Fitness Wanders

You can also find him on 

3. Ms Chloë Langer
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Chloë Langer runs the travel and fitness blog Ginger Fit Spo. Chloe is a Health, Fitness & Travel enthusiast who is originally from France, and is currently located in the UK.
You can check out Chloë’s website, Ginger Fit Spo, here.
You can also find here on

4. Ms Mika Olivotti.
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You can check her out here. On her account, Mika provides great tips on how to train without a gym, including demonstration videos. If you end up in a town with no gym, you can try this great bodyweight workout to help keep you in shape!

5. Ms Kelly Hodges 

Kelly is personal trainer and owner of Barbells and Belly Dance. She has previously travelled across south east Asia, so she is familiar with the challenges of keeping fit whilst on the road.

Kelly is a fully qualified personal trainer, specialising in Strength and Conditioning, Metabolic Conditioning, Hypertrophy (Muscle Growth), Functional Training and Fat Loss. You can check out her page, Barbells and Belly Dance here. You can also check out Kelly’s page on Instagram at@barbellsandbellydancebykelly.
Kelly is currently offering a personalised online training course, built around your particular goals and customised for the equipment you have available to you. This includes an initial consultation, a custom 8 week programme and two online follow up sessions to tweak your programme and help keep you motivated. You can contact Kelly to register your interest by clicking here.

6. Mr Grant Simon


I started CarryOnTravelFitness because I have found over the course of my travel adventures and fitness journey that you often times are forced to choose one. I want to show that you don’t have to ‘check’ traveling or staying in shape, but carry on both by posting street workouts, street basketball court locations, and worthy enough gyms. After I graduated from Texas Christian University (Go Horned Frogs!) this past December, I went on a backpacking trip around South America and then I will start a one year working holiday visa in Australia in September. I am currently based in Montreal, QC for the summer and will be working on earning my ACE (American Council on Exercise) personal training certification. Be sure to follow along! Travel. Fitness. Together. You can find out more or on my social media pages below:

7. Explorabilia
Looking for something a little different? Check out Explorabilia for some of the best alternative travel destinations!
Facebook: @explorabilia
Instagram: @explorabilia

8. Quit Pack Gowordswag_1500384699974.png

This is my travel blog and we have just published out first travel

e-book: Quit Pack Go’s Backpacker’s Guide to the Maldives.  This post is a pretty blatant attempt to raise my SEO rating. So sue me.

9. Tyler Read – PT Pioneer 

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 17.39.39 Tyler is an NASM certified personal trainer with over 10 years of experience. In addition to training a wide variety of clients, Tyler is also the founder and senior editor of; a website designed to help people become industry leading personal trainers.

You can also check out his work on his YouTube Channel

10. Tim Fox

Body strength.jpg  Tim Fox is a writer and co-founder of blog where he and his friends share information about the outdoor life.



11. Tiffany Batsakis

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Instagram: Tiffany_The_Happy_RD
Facebook: Tiffany Batsakis, MS, RD


12. Haley.Lifts 

I wanted to create a space for women (and men) where we can share our journeys with wellness. Wellness is multidimensional and I want to promote that its okay to not only struggle/ be new to bettering your physical health, but mental as well. Life is a journey, and I want to share mine as well as learn about yours. I want to grow with you.
My passions are for self love and care, empowering women to feel like they deserve a place in the weight room, leadership, multidimensional wellness, as well as helping people realize how AWESOME they are! Share with me your journey and your passions, as I will share you mine.

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13. Chris and Claire 

whatsapp-image-2018-01-22-at-15-01-09.jpegClaire, a communications manager, and Chris, a personal trainer, are competitive cheerleaders from the UK who met at gymnastics. They got engaged but decided to use their wedding cash to quit their jobs and travel the world together instead!

Their current travel plans will take them through Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Mexico, America and Canada. Both hope to gain a place on a Worlds cheerleading team to compete in Florida in 2019 so it’s important they stay fit and strong while out on the road.
You can read more about them on their website at

You can also check them out on Instagram: at @bigwych88 and @chrishutcheson1990