Guest post: 4 Awesome health benefit of kayaking by Tim Fox

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Most medical conditions these days are lifestyle related. The main cause of lifestyle diseases is poor diet and lack of physical and outdoor activities. Kayaking is an outdoor activity that serves the purpose of keeping the doctor away in various ways. The health benefits of Kayaking are endless and anybody who loves their lives would not mind giving it a shot. Here are some awesome health benefits of Kayaking.

1.    Tone Your Muscles

When you paddle a kayak, you can make up to 500 strokes per mile riding at 5mph. This paddling gives your arms, shoulders and the entire upper body real workout. All you need to do is put the paddle in the water and start rowing. What makes kayaking an effective workout process is that you do not need to use much energy as in the gym. When kayaking, you pull gentle strokes with little energy, but the result is enormous, considering the amount of time you spend on the kayak.

The key muscles that benefit from kayaking include the arms, the core, the back, and chest muscle. The entire upper body and the feet muscles are toned. The toning of muscles also results in more Abs on your upper body, putting you in good shape. Most importantly, your body muscles get strengthened and resilient. Your overall body stamina is increased. You become more physically fit, attain lean muscles and have more body stamina.

This is how the math works. If you can make 500 strokes per hour in 3 hours, you get 1500 strokes. It is not possible to do 1500 strokes on a regular gym workout using any equipment without feeling exhausted. It is therefore healthy, beneficial and advisable for those who want lean muscles to embrace kayaking. There are much more health benefits of kayaking to your muscles when you do it seriously.

2.    Weight Loss

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Losing weight is an uphill task. However, with the much physical activity you engage in when kayaking, you have no reason to worry. An average person can lose between 283 -454 calories per hour. This is amazing results considering the effort people put into losing weight. When you think of it, in the long run, a person kayaking for 4 hours can lose up to 1600 calories daily. If you can manage your eating lifestyle, then you will lose much weight in short time. Weight loss works by a simple principle. Calories stored= Calories gained- Calories lost. An average person on a Paleo or Ketogenic diet can consume up to 1000 calories per day. If you consume 1000 calories and lose 1600 calories, you end up with a net calorie loss of 600. If you desire to lose weight, you can combine ketogenic diet and kayaking for the best results.

3.    Cardiovascular Fitness

Any activity that increases the heart motion is recommended for your health. Physical inactivity is a common cause for most heart conditions. Unfortunately, heart conditions are fetal and often result in sudden death. Kayaking has been proven to increase your blood flow, breathing rate and as a whole give you a better cardiovascular health. Increased breathing and heart rate causes efficient blood flow which eliminates any chances of the heart operations coming to an abrupt stop.

The cardiovascular benefits of kayaking are brought about by the fact that, your entire body gets in motion in order to paddle the kayak through the water. Kayaking is one of the exercises listed in MensJournal on Factors That Make a Stronger Heart.

This regular exercise exerts pressure on the heart making it stronger and active.

4.    Mental Health

Aerobic exercise leads to the production of important brain chemicals that are necessary for your mental health. These chemicals will boost your self-confidence, self-worth and mood as a whole. Kayaking is the best form of aerobic exercise that is done in open space in a refreshing environment. The moisture-filled the air around you helps in relaxing the mind and giving you a sense of relief.

Kayaking has been proved as a way to get a break from daily life and give the mind some relaxation. Such an aerobic activity results into more productivity at work.

Purposes of Kayaking

People are involved in kayaking for various reasons. Some of the purposes of kayaks include:

  1. Sporting

Kayaks are mainly used for sporting purposes. There are people who come together as friends and families and do kayaking as a fun sport to pass time. Similarly, there are people who do kayaking as a profession. They organize professional events and participate in various tournaments. Whichever way, you can choose to venture into kayaking as either a recreational sport or a professional one.

  1. Fishing

Kayaks are used for fishing, both economic and recreational. There are people who engage in fishing as a sport and just do it for the fun. You may choose to use your kayak for recreational fishing and enjoy the fun while at the same time improve your health.

  1. Touring

If you have a thing for exploring and touring, then you may consider getting a kayak. The kayak will help you reach the remote corners of any rive or ocean without any problem. You can come with a few goods and spent the entire day seeing the undocumented parts of the most remote rivers near you.

  1. Whitewater Kayaks

These kayaks are designed to surf streams and waters with rapids and waterfalls. Whitewater kayaking involves thrilling yet dangerous rides through steep rapids and falls. The recreational purpose of whitewater kayaking goes beyond just riding on still quiet water.


There are different types of kayaks that can be used for different purposes. These awesome health benefits of kayaking should give you a reason to kayak. The bottom line is that everyone has a reason to kayak. You might be a busy person but there is always a time when you need to be free and alone. Getting yourself a kayak will give you the chance to have fun during your free time and take care of your life.

Lifestyle diseases are affecting more than half of the people visiting hospitals today. More shocking is that 80% of people above the age of 65 have a lifestyle condition. The devastating result of these diseases is an untimely death.

To make sure you keep your health in check, kayaking gives you a rare opportunity. While not everyone may have the energy to hit the gym every day, kayaking for at least 2 hours can be done by anyone at whatever age. When you settle for kayaking, you choose more than just fun. You choose life in abundance.

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Tim Fox is a writer and co-founder of blog where he and his friends share information about the outdoor life.