Indonesia – Fitness 88, Flores

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Location: MyFitness, 4th floor Bērnu Pasaule shopping mall, Matīss, Riga, Latvia
Google maps: Click here
Web: Nope
Opening hours7am to 9pm daily
Price10,000 Indonesian rupiah (approx 0.50p or 0.70 cents)


Fitness 88, located on the beautiful Indonesian Island of Flores, has everything you need to hit out a sweet workout. During my time in Flores, I only came across two fitness enthusiast newlyweds who had visited the gym. They were still continuing to smash out workouts, seven months into their round the world honeymoon adventure.

One visit comes at an extremely affordable price of 10 000 Indonesian rupiah (approx 70 U.S cents), although don’t expect any Air Con or other amenities. The windows are brilliantly propped open with empty water bottles though which provides adequate ventilation and lighting. The area is quite expansive and has a good vibe to it.

A male and female toilet is provided, which are below average even for a South East Asian country. If you choose to brave the bathroom, be sure to bring your own paper, or grab some at the mini market downstairs. Water can also be purchased at the mini market.

The gym boats long opening hours, from 7am to 9pm everyday, so you’ll definitely be able to fit in a workout around your active adventure time on the island. Taking a boat trip to hike on Padar Island is a must.

This gym has :
  • three stationary bikes (although quite old and with broken pedals),
  • weight plates (0.5, 2.5. 5, 7.5. 10, 15 and 20 kg),
  • three barbells,
  • dumbbells (16 and 18kg),
  • two treadmills (although I was unable to get them whirring),
  • a chin up bar,
  • squat rack,
  • and a punching bag hanging from the ceiling.
  • Various machines are also there, including
  • seated row and lat pull down.
The floor is covered in a spongy foam (and quite a few juicy sweat patches left by my travel buddy) which is really great for dynamic and plyometric workouts.

Who is this gym for? Flores is much much quieter in terms of tourism compared to the more popular islands of Bali and Lombok, so you’ll pretty much just be mixing it one or two local guys there. They provide great motivation, as they’re pretty ripped and blast their workout music through the huge speaker system.

TipsFitness 88 is listed on google maps, although there is no signage for the gym. It is located up a flight of stairs to the left of Denny’s Mart (mini supermarket). At the top of the stairs you’ll enter a room with boxes and mattresses. They have a sign in book on a table there to write your name and the date. They’ll have someone there to take your money. The entrance is located on the far right of the room.