Indonesia – Holiday Fit Gili Air Gym Centre, Gili Air


Location: Holiday Fit Gili Air Gym Centre, Gili Air
Google maps: Click here
Web: Click here
Opening hours: Daily from 7am to 10pm
Price: 1 session 50,000 INR (£2.60)
1 week 100,000 INR (£5)
2 weeks 150, 000 INR (£7.50)
1 month 250,000 INR (£10)


We were delighted when our guesthouse told us that there is a gym on Gili Air – in fact there is two – run by the same owner.

Given that the island is mostly dirt roads and doesn’t have motorised vehicles we were amazed that Toby, the Danish owner, was not only able to build the large, concrete structure but also ship in the kit as well (which arrived by boat and then was transported from the beach by horse and cart).

Opened at the beginning of 2018 this is the newest gym we have visited while in SEA. It features all new, matching equipment and is well air conditioned; you are even offered a cold towel to train with when you arrive.

The gym has a good selection of machines, although strength trainers take note the heaviest dumbbell is 20kg and the plate total only reaches 200kg – Toby said he plans to get some more plates soon.

We opted for the one week deal and went every day that we were on the island – we trained shoulders, triceps, biceps, legs, chest and back. We also visited the smaller site to get a protein shake for 45k – they had lots of great flavours to choose from.

At Holiday Fit 2 there is also studio with a stage and there is sometimes Zumba classes – check with Toby for the most up to date times / days. It is 50,000 INR per class.

The equipment included:
  • Dumbells 4kg – 20kg
  • 2 adjustable benches
  • Decline bench
  • 1 squat rack and 2 barbells
  • Dip/ab crunch/pull up frame
  • Smith machine
  • Lat pull down
  • Seated row
  • Hamstring curl / leg curl machine
  • Cables rig
  • Vertical leg press
  • EZ bar with preacher curl
  • Pec deck machine
  • Ab machine (turnstile)
  • Flat bench press
  • 2 cross trainers
  • 2 bikes
  • 2 treadmills (although one was broken at the time of our visit)
  • 2.5kg – 15kg plates (total 200kg)
  • 2 punch bags
  • Ab roll out
  • Mats
  • Scales

Who is this gym for? With everything from cardio equipment to olympic bars and a group workout area, this gym is a great choice for anyone looking to train whilst on Gili Air. The island is also so small that you can get to the gym from just about anywhere on the island in about 10 mins! So no excuses!

Tips: Aside from the shakes, at Holiday Fit 1, Toby will also sell single servings of whey. For eating our favourite place was Le Sate Bar – which offers charcoal grilled chicken, goat, beef and seafood kebabs for a really good price. You can add on servings of rice, vegetables, corn, tofu and tempe. Flavoursome but nutritious! A typical meal cost us £5-8 for two. They offer free delivery anywhere on the island, just whatsapp your order.




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