Kuala Lumpur – Jatomi Fitness, Malaysia

Location: Jatomi Fitness, Tropicana City Mall, 3, Jalan SS 20/27, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Google Maps: Click here
Web: Click here
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 6am to 12am
Sat: 6am to 9pm
Sun: 8am to 8pm
Price: 10 ringgits (£2)

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Review: Having returned to Kuala Lumpur on the way to the Maldives, we decided to spend a couple of days in the Selangor area. This was the same area that I found the super old school Muscle Gym, which you can read about here. And it was here I found one of the best gyms in Kuala Lumpur.

Close by and on the total other end of the spectrum, is Jatomi Fitness which is located in the Tropicana City Mall. It is a gym so modern that your entrance and changing room access is controlled with a wrist strap embedded with a microchip. Because a turn-style is just too old fashioned.

Everything about Jatomi Fitness screams modern gym, from the slam bags to the battle ropes almost every new training modality is covered here. The brand says it is, “focused on being one of the world’s most innovative fitness club operators” and it shows. The gym is one of the best equipped that I have come across in South East Asia, eclipsing many of the gyms I used to train in in the UK. This gym has:

  • Dumbbells up to 50kg
  • Adjustable bench
  • Flat barbell bench
  • Incline barbell bench
  • Squat rack x 2
  • Smith machine
  • Cables x 3
  • Olympic bars
  • Easy bar
  • Fixed weight bars
  • Assisted pull up / dips bar
  • Lat pulldown
  • Chest press machine
  • Shoulder press machine
  • Seated low row machine
  • Leg press machine
  • Leg extension machine
  • Leg curl machine
  • Thigh abductor
  • Various abs machines
  • Kettle bells
  • Medicine balls
  • Punch balls
  • Bosu balls
  • Tire
  • Weighted bags
  • Rowing machine
  • Stepper machine
  • Cross trainers
  • Static bikes
  • Treadmills
  • Foam rollers
  • Battle ropes
  • TRX
  • A-Frame
  • Two studio spaces

But it doesn’t stop there. The gym also offers a wide variety of group classes, such as the ever popular Les Mills range, to Zumba and Yoga. Group exercise is really popular in Malaysia as a way of socialising and spending time with your friends. It can also be a great way to meet people.

As you would expect, the gym also has lockers, changing rooms and showers, which were all clean and smelled ok. As well as the standard offerings the gym also has free wifi, air conditioning and even free Tea and coffee and water. A lot of thought has gone into this place and is shows.

At the moment you can also sign up for a free day pass on their website by clicking here. Look for the box in the top or bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Who is this gym for? I have no hesitation in recommending this place to everyone and I had a great workout here. The atmosphere was professional, clean and safe. Whether you want to lift heavy or take a spin class, you Jatomi Fitness is worth a visit. If you want a unique training experience in this part of KL, then I would honestly say go check out Muscle Gym. But if you want a workout in a world class gym with all the trimming, then check this place out!

Tips: Tropicana City Mall is pretty hard to get to by foot. Save yourself the headache I has and take an Uber. And remember: Malaysia conservative country, so dress accordingly when picking out your gym gear.

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