Lebanon – E-body Art, Beirut

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Location: E-Body Art, 1st Floor, Verdun 732, Beirut, Lebanon
Google maps: Click here
Web: Facebook
Opening Hours: 9am to 10pm
Price: From $40 USD per session. (Packages available.)

Review: Have you ever wanted to be repeatedly electrocuted whilst you train? No? Me neither. The truth is that I ended up booking a trial session at E-Body Art in the mistaken belief that it was a personal training studio.

It was only when I was given a set of compression under clothes to change into and then wired into weighted vest that I realised what I had got myself into. To make matters worse, it was 9am and the only thing I had for breakfast was a black coffee. I knew this was going to be interesting.

Found in the Verdun neighbourhood of Beirut, E-Body Art is an EMS training centre. EMS stands for Electronic Muscle Stimulation. Most people know EMS through the range of Slendertone Ab’s machines which were popular in the early 2000s. EMS technology uses small electronic pulses to cause muscle tissues to contract involuntarily.

E-Body Art takes EMS technology to the next level. Rather than having me relax and letting the machines so all the work, my excellent trainer Rodolph had me completing a 20 minute full body workout whilst being zapped into shape. The workout consisted mainly of simple bodyweight exercises such as squats or press ups, or lightweight exercises such as standing abdominal twists or shoulder press using light dumbbells. However, the workouts are tailored to each clients needs, whether this be rehabilitation, muscle grown or weight loss.

The strength of the electric pulse is then altered, which has the same practical effect as adding more weight to the movement and making your muscles work harder. I am a fit guy, but this workout was tough but do-able. Honestly, I had a great time training here and apparently my 20 min workout packs the same punch as spending 4 hours in a regular gym. I would rather do this workout that a HIIT class any day!

(Also, you can do a HIIT type class with the EMS gear on, but I was not going to do that because I am not insane. Shut up)

So, this begs the question:

Who is this gym for? EMS training has a number of different applications. Developed primarily for sports rehabilitation I actually had EMS treatment in Malaysia for my elbow, which helped me make a full recovery.  According to Rodolph, it is also a great way to help patients recovering from back injuries to rebuild their strength. The EMS training offered by E-Body Art is tailored to each client’s goals.

Aside from rehabilitation, apparently EMS training is proving popular with busy people, such as professionals or mothers. E-Body Art offers individual sessions or group sessions where you can workout with a friend. If you are interested, you can book a trial session to see how you get on with it. Despite my initial concerns, I had an amazing workout at E-Body Art. This was a great thing to try and something that I would encourage everyone to have a go at. The more sessions you book, the cheaper it gets!

Tips: I booked my session in the morning and honestly felt pretty wiped out afterwards. Apparently you need to rest for 48 hours after a session of EMS training, so make sure you schedule a rest day the next day!