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Location: Anytime Fitness, 2nd Level, North Wing, SM City Mall, Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Bacolod
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Opening hours: Open 24 hours a day
Price: Free for existing Anytime Fitness members, 500 pesos for non members although at time of writing a 1 day free pass was available (it says 3 days on the website but then when we received the email it was only for 1 day, it says it could be limited to residents only, so perhaps don’t mention you’re only visiting as a tourist – see link below)

Like the look of this gym? If you want to stay nearby then you can check out the links to hotels within walking distance at the end of this article.

Review: There are several gyms in Bacolod but this was the most central for us. On entering it is like being in a gym back home, it’s so nice it actually made me want to sign up to Anytime Fitness when we get back home! It has the advantage of being new having only opened in Autumn 2017, so all the equipment is in top condition and the bathrooms are really nice too.

The gym is fairly compact but perfectly organised. It has a small, mirrored class room, with matts etc for stretching, along one wall is most of the cardio equipment including rowing machines, stair master, treadmills, cross trainers etc, and they also had spin bikes but they were all collected into one corner as if they were only used for classes.

The weights section includes:

  • two climbing rigs of different variations,
  • a great selection of plates,
  • dumbbells
  • and bars,
  • along with a good selection of fixed machines,
  • squat rack,
  • benches etc.

There is also a sled, medicine balls, sand bags, ropes and boxes. We were really pleased with the variation of equipment on offer – exactly what you’d get at home at a good quality gym. The gym also offer a variety of group classes including kickboxing, spinning and HIIT.

The staff are really friendly here, we spent a bit of time chatting to one of the trainers and he gave us a free body composition analysis and tips on where to buy protein, including a map of how to get there!

Who is this gym for? We saw all sorts of clientele here and it was great to see even older women feel comfortable to work out.

Tips: Bring a towel, soap and and a small padlock for the lockers. Once you’ve worked out have a shower then head to Nena Beth’s or Aida’s at Manokan Country across the road for chicken inasal (BBQ chicken) and rice!

Click here for the daypass link —> Click here


BONUS – Finding protein in Bacolod: 

If you want to buy protein there’s three places.

1. The first is GNC which is on the first floor of SM City, to the left as you leave AF. A globally recognised brand, it also sells shakers, although they are quite expensive.
2. Chris Fitness (also in SM City) sells shakers for about 500 pesos, and it had a very small selection of protein too.
3. The best in our opinion is Spirits Boutique which is about a 10 minute walk from AF just to the south of the mall. Spirits will sell you whey and mass gainer per 30g / 60g if you just want a quick fix, or a full bag – they stock Optimum Nutrition and Mutant ( They don’t sell shakers there though. Spirits sell Nature Valley protein bars (10g pro) and lots of other imported foods, as well as BCAA tablets and loads of other tablets (vitamins etc) that can be bought individually. The address for Spirits is D3 Manuela Building, San Juan Street, Bacolod – it’s also a kitchenware shop – don’t let the shop window put you off!

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