Sri Lanka – Good Story Neptune Resort (Hotel)

Location: Good Story, Weligama 484 Pelena, 12345 Weligama, Sri Lanka

Review: This hotel is primarily aimed at surfers and people looking to enjoy the beach. The hotel is good and our room was basic but clean and with good wifi.
The hotel offers fitness lessons from their barman (King George). Est 2000 eps including a protein smoothie, but these were not available when I went, which was before the start of the tourist season.
The hotel does have a somewhat makeshift little open air gym, which is right down on the beach front. This consists of:
  • Coconut dumbbells (est 3kg)
  • Tire and concede barbell, est 40kg 
  • An A frame pull up bar. 
The gym is free to use and it in the beach front so awesome place to train. From the equipment there, you can get a decent bodyweight bar workout, and the makeshift barbell is enough to stop your muscles forgetting what it is like to lift. With a little imagination, you can get a decent enough workout, so long as you don’t mind doing it in full view of those people walking along the beach. (This may well be a selling point to many of you reading this.)  
The staff told me that this gym is a work in progress so there may be more equipment coming in the near future. 
Tip: I had an awesome surfing lesson on the beach in Weligama, which proved to be a great upper body and leg workout. Look out for the many Sri Lankan guys on the beach willing to provide a lesson to tourists.