Thailand – Elite Gym, Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui


Location: Elite Exclusive gym – Chaweng Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand
Google maps: Click here
Tel: +66 (0)77 300 759
Website: Click here
Opening hours: 6.30am to 10.30pm
Price: 400 bhat (£8)

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Review: So when looking for gyms in Koh Samui, I also came across Elite Gym and decided to train there and review it. Elite Gym is about 3 mins further down the road from Star Gym and is found on on the first floor just above McDonald’s.

The first difference is that Elite Gym is much bigger inside, with a lot more machines and a functional strength area. Elite Gym is also twice the price of Star Gym with a day pass costing you 400 bhat (£8). That being said, it is a step up from Star Gym in just about every way. Aside from the gym, Elite Gym has a clothes shop, a full works protein bar, a cresh for the kids to play in whilst their parents train, and an air-conditioned cardio suite. It seems that a lot of thought has gone into this gym, and this is reflected in the price.

Weekly or monthly passes are also available. For prices, see the pictures below.

In addition to that, there are a number of signs asking customers to keep their shirts on whilst they train, so if that put you off Star Gym, then this is the place for you.

A day pass gets you a bottle of water, a sweat towel and access to the self-service pre-workout and bcaa water. There is a full protein bar, which sells everything from pre-work, to protein, creatine or even amino-acids like glutamine. They also sell tubs of protein and shakers if you decide to invest whilst you are away.

The gym its self is a full western standard gym, comparable to any of the best gyms that I have trained in in the UK. Elite is open from 6.30am to 10.30pm everyday of the week.

This gym has:

  • An air-conditioned cardio room with running, rowing, cycling and cross training machines.
  • Dumbbells up-to 40kg
  • Flat barbell bench press
  • Incline barbell bench press
  • Squat rack
  • Olympic bars
  • Chest press machine (machines are the kind you add plates to)
  • Incline chest press machine
  • Pec Dec
  • Preacher curl bench
  • Easy bars
  • Cables x 2 sets
  • Lat pull down
  • Seated low row
  • Leg press
  • Leg extension
  • Leg curl
  • Swiss balls
  • TRX
  • Triceps Dips bar
  • Climbing Frame for functions strength training
  • Punch bag
  • Kettle bells

Who is this gym for? Whilst this gym would be suitable for serious strength and conditioning training, when I went there was a nice mix of locals and tourists of all ages and abilities. Elite is a serious gym, but I would recommend it to everyone, save to say that it is probably not the best choice for budget travellers or those on long backpacking trips due to the cost.

Tip: Whilst I was training here, I saw a number of people bring their kids to play in the Cresh, so this may be a good place for people with kids to work out whilst on holiday! There are also a number of bars and masseuses near bar for parking friends of partners whilst you make them gainz. Yes. With a Z. Shut up.