Thailand – The Pullman Resort, Phuket, Thailand (Hotel gym)

Location: The Pullman Resort, Phuket, Thailand

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Review: This review starts with a confession. I didn’t stay in the Pullman Resort. There, I said it. But it did use the Pullman Resort’s gym,

So, how did I end up in this lovely gym I heat no-one ask? Well, it all started when Emily and I met up with her brother, who was in Thailand on his honeymoon. He was staying in the Pullman, which is a huge sprawling beautiful high-end report way out of our backpacker budget. When he invited us for a day around the swimming pool there, I couldn’t help but sneak off to have a look at their gym and fit in a sneaky workout. Backpacking as we are, we never usually stay in places like this, and simply wow. The view from the glass-walled gym was amazing, (see photos below) and the equipment was first class.

The hotel its-self is beautiful and the views around the pool are stunning. There should be no complaints if you want to leave the other half to soak in the sun whilst you hit the weights.

The gym itself is an air conditioned box, positioned on one of the highest points in the hotel, providing beautiful views of Phuket and the beach. It has the feel of a high-end health club.

This gym has:

  • Dumbbells up to 80lbs (36kg approx)
  • Adjustable bench
  • Cable deadlift
  • Cable shoulder press
  • Cable chest press/fly
  • Cable triceps extension
  • Running, Rowing, Cycling and Cross training machines
  • Swiss ball
  • Weighted bats
  • Medicine balls
  • Kettle bells
  • Yoga mats
The gym offers water and fruit for free. It also has a fridge with protein bars and protein shakes for sale on an honour system. You fill in a slip and charge them to your room. In theory.
Who is this gym for? As hotel gyms go, this isn’t bad at all. Dumbbells up to 36kg mean that you should be able to improvise a workout for any body-part, but the lack of olympic bars or a squat rack mean that it wouldn’t be suitable for me for a long stay. The inclusion of functional strength equipment is a nice touch, and had me wishing I knew what the hell I was supposed to with a weighted bat, other than pretend to be a Jedi. Which, I didn’t actually do. Honest.
Tip: Security is pretty tight at this hotel, so I wouldn’t recommend trying to blag your way into this gym if you are not staying in the hotel. Sorry guys and girls.