Vietnam – Phong Sport, Nha Trang

Location: Phong Sport, 01 Lý Thánh Tôn, Nha Trang
Google maps: Click here
Tel: 0986 019 016
Website: Facebook
Opening hours: 5am to 9pm
Price: 50,000 VND (approx £1.80)

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Review: As you do when you are backpacking, we ended up making some new friends on the bus to Nha Trang. This is where I met my new gym a Canadian called Sam. We pretty quickly workout out that we had a mutual interest and he became my new travel gym buddy for the next week or so. As such, we checked out a couple of gyms in Nha Trang and even ended up going for a few more in Hue. At 6.2, San is a generally a pretty big guy and but in Asia he is a giant. This is Sam. Sam this is everyone who reads my blog. *dustball rustles by*. 

Anywho. The first gym we found in Nha Trang was Phong Sport, proudly continuing the asian tradition of, you guessed it tile floors.

This gym was set out over 2 floors and had a decent amount of cardio equipment, machines and free weights. On the ground floor you can find the cardio equipment, as well as the changing rooms and lockers. In addition to this, they also had a full set of dumbbells downstairs, as well as their flat and incline benches. The remainder of the free weight and the machines were upstairs along with a small functional strength area.

Equipment wise, this gym had:

  • Dumbbells upto 30kg
  • Adjustable benches
  • Flat barbell bench
  • Incline barbell bench
  • Decline barbell bench
  • Squat rack
  • Olympic bars
  • Smith machine
  • Cables
  • Easy curl bar
  • Hammer curl bar
  • Preacher curl bench
  • Leg press machine
  • Leg extension machine
  • Seated low row machine
  • Lat pulldown
  • Lower back extension bench
  • Abs crunch machine
  • Swiss balls
  • Kettle bells
  • A-frame
  • Treadmills
  • Static bikes
  • Cross trainer
  • Sauna
The front desk sells water and other isotonic drinks, but I couldn’t see any supplements for sale in this gym, so you will need to bring your own. If you need some, you can check out my article about finding protein in Vietnam here.
Nha Trang was not too hot when we went, but a sweat towel is always a good idea in Asia.


Who is it for? The gym was busy when we went, with a nice mix of men and women of all ability levels. We were the only tourists in their at the time. The locals were friendly, although they did seem to take a lot of interest in the exercises and weights we were lifting. Its often funny to see people doing the same lift you were doing when you move on to your next exercise. I know I used to copy guys who had the kind of physique I wanted, so I guess its a huge compliment.

The atmosphere in the gym felt safe and professional, and there were a couple of personal trainers in here when we were there.

Tips? As there are a couple of decent gyms in Nha Trang, it might be worth checking out the other gyms in this city to see if there is one closer to you. You can read about the other gyms in Nha Trang here.

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