Where can I buy protein in the Maldives


So you have arrived in the Maldives for your dream vacation when suddenly you realise you have left your protein powder at home. Having travelled a lot in the Maldives, I can honestly say that the chances of you finding supplements outside of the capital city is almost non-existent.

But fear nor dear traveller, Gyms of the World has you covered!

There is one supplement store in Male. It isn’t on Google maps but I geotagged it so that you can find it. So save your gains and stock up before you head to the public islands or your resort!

Maldives BodybuildingIMG_3678

Location: Maldives Bodybuilding, Maafaithakurufaanu Magu  (on the corner of the junction with Buruzu Magu), Male, Maldives

Google maps: Click here

Website: Click here

Tel: 9922980


Down one of the tight narrow streets of Male, Maldives Bodybuilding is tiny little supplement shop, which is stocked to the ceiling with pretty much every supplement known to man. Having had a little browse through the shelves I noticed that they stocked a number of well-known brands, including:

  • MyProtein
  • Optimum Nutrition
  • Muscle Tech
  • BNS
  • Dymatize

I also noted that they had everything that you could wish for here, including:

  • BCAAs
  • creatine
  • pre-workout
  • protein
  • weight gainer
Prices seem to be similar to the UK, with a protein bar costing me about £3. A 1kg tub of protein is about £20 and the 2.2kg tubs at about £40.
As well as supplements, the store also sold some basic gym equipment such as gym gloves, hand wraps and shakers.
IMG_3680     IMG_3681