Where to buy your protein in Phnom Penh

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So, you in Phnom Penh in Cambodia but you need to stock up on your protein or other supplements. It is a common problem that we will all face at some point in our lives and one I know I struggled with in the past. So much so that I honestly thought about opening a supplement store there to import supplements from Europe.

However, I didn’t actually do anything about it and now I am glad to say that one of the local guys has. He is actually a friend of the guys I met in Muscle Fitness Centre in Phnom Penh. I saw that he had opened his own supplement store on Facebook, so I tracked him down to find out more and be able to write this article and help to promote his new venture.

The name of the store is Home of Protein. It is run by Mr Aing Kimhuy, known locally as “Voodoo Huy”. (Incidentally, this is one of the coolest nicknames I have ever heard.)  Voodoo Huy lives in Phnom Penh and like all the Cambodians that I met, he loves his country and its people. When we spoke, he told me that he never liked school and spent most of his free time at the gym. Like many of us, working out quickly became his passion. Having struggled to find work, or supplements, in Cambodia, Voodoo Huy decided to go into business for himself. He designed his own shop and poured his heart and soul into the building the new business.

It was a brave move on his part. The fitness lifestyle crazy is relatively new in Cambodia and stores like his are rare. But Voodoo Huy has something that few other importers have: a first-hand knowledge of his products, of supplements in general and of what it takes to build muscle in the gym. Voodoo has personally tried everything he stocks and only socks what he thinks are the very best products.  He told me that it is also his aim to help educate his fellow Cambodians and to discuss supplements with his customer to make sure they get the best products for their goals.


Voodoo seems to have a genuine desire to help everyone, and this is reflected in the price of his proteins and supplements which are all affordably priced. He even told me that he intends to offer finance agreements to those who may be unable to afford to purchase a whole tub outright.

Examples of his prices are:

  • 2kg tub of Optimum Nutrition is $69 USD
  • MP Combat Mass Gainer $45
  • 2kg tube of Elite $65

So, if you are running low on supplements and are in Phnom Penh, you should definitely check out Home of Protein.

Address: Home of Protein, Nearby Psa Olympic No 16, St374, Sangkat Toul Svay Prey 1, Khan Chamkamon, Phnom Penh of Cambodia

Google maps: Click here 

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun : 9:00AM-6:00PM